The Squirrel Family

The following is the most complete list of the squirrels in the world.  It includes the tree, ground, and flying squirrels by their common name, followed be their scientific name.

Afghan pygmy flying squirrel. ( Hylopetes baberi)
African Bush Squirrels ( Paraxerus)
African Giant Squirrels. ( Protoxerus)
African Ground Squirrels ( Xerus)
African Pygmy Squirrel ( Myosciurus pumilio)
Alashan ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus alashanicus)
Alexander's Bush Squirrel ( Paraxerus alexandri)
Allen's squirrel. ( Sciurus alleni)
Amazon dwarf squirrel. ( Microsciurus flaviventer)
American flying squirrels. ( Glaucomys)
American red squirrels ( Tamiasciurus)
Anderson's, or five-striped squirrel. ( Callosciurus quinquestriatus)
Ant-eating squirrels. ( Rhinosciurus)
Ant-eating, or shrew-faced, squirrel. ( Rhinosciurus laticaudatus)
Antelope-squirrels. ( Ammospermophilus)
Arctic ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus parryii)
Arizona gray squirrel. ( Sciurus arizonensis)
Asian giant squirrels. ( Ratufa)
Asian montane ground squirrels. ( Dremomys)
Asian pygmy squirrels. ( Exilisciurus)
Asian striped ground squirrels. ( Lariscus)
Asian striped squirrels. ( Tamiops)
Baja California rock squirrel. ( Spermophilus atricapillus)
Bartels' flying squirrel. ( Hylopetes bartelsi)
Beechey's, or California, ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus beecheyi)
Belding's ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus beldingi)
Black and Red Bush Squirrel ( Paraxerus lucifer)
Black flying squirrel. ( Aeromys tephromelas)
Black giant squirrel. ( Ratufa bicolor)
Black-banded squirrel. ( Callosciurus nigrovittatus)
Black-eared pygmy squirrel. ( Nannosciurus melanotis)
Bocage's Tree Squirrel ( Funisciurus bayonii)
Boehm's Bush Squirrel ( Paraxerus boehmi)
Bolivian squirrel. ( Sciurus ignitus)
Bornean black-banded squirrel. ( Callosciurus orestes)
Bornean ear-spot squirrel. ( Callosciurus adamsi)
Bornean mountain ground squirrel. ( Dremomys everetti)
Brazilian squirrel. ( Sciurus gilvigularis)
Brooke's squirrel. ( Sundasciurus brookei)
California ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus beecheyi)
Cape Ground Squirrel ( Xerus inauris)
Cascade mantled ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus saturatus)
Central American dwarf Squirrel. ( Microsciurus alfari)
Central American montane squirrel. ( Syntheosciurus brochus)
Chickarees ( Tamiasciurus)
Chinese flying squirrel. ( Aeretes melanopterus)
Chinese rock squirrels. ( Sciurotamias)
Coastal striped squirrel. ( Tamiops maritimus)
Collie's squirrel. ( Sciurus colliaei)
Colombian dwarf squirrel. ( Microsciurus santanderensis)
Colombian squirrel. ( Sciurus pucheranii)
Columbian ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus columbianus)
Common palm squirrel. ( Funambulus palmarum)
Complex-toothed flying squirrel. ( Trogopterus xanthipes)
Cooper's Green Squirrel ( Paraxerus cooperi)
Cream-colored giant squirrel. ( Ratufa affinis)
Cuvier's Fire-footed Squirrel ( Funisciurus pyrropus)
Davas squirrel. ( Sundasciurus davensis)
Deppe's squirrel. ( Sciurus deppei)
De Winton's Tree Squirrel ( Funisciurus substriatus)
Douglas' squirrel. ( Tamiasciurus douglasii)
Dusky palm squirrel. ( Funambulus sublineatus)
Dwarf flying squirrels. ( Petaurillus)
Dwarf squirrels. ( Microsciurus)
Eastern gray squirrel. ( Sciurus carolinensis)
Ebien Squirrel, or Temminck's Giant Squirrel ( Epixerus ebii)
Emilia's dwarf flying squirrel. ( Petaurillus emiliae)
Eurasian flying squirrels. ( Pteromys)
Eurasian red squirrel. ( Sciurus vulgaris)
Fernando Po Squirrel ( Paraxerus poensis)
Flightless Scaly-tailed Squirrel. ( Zenkerella insignis)
Forrest's rock squirrel. ( Sciurotamias forresti)
Four-striped ground squirrel. ( Lariscus hosei)
Fox squirrel. ( Sciurus niger)
Franklin's ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus franklinii)
Gambian Sun Squirrel ( Heliosciurus gambianus)
Geoffroy's Ground Squirrel ( Xerus erythropus)
Giant Forest Squirrel ( Protoxerus stangeri)
Golden mantled ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus lateralis)
Gray-bellied squirrel. ( Callosciurus caniceps)
Gray-cheeked pygmy flying squirrel. ( Hylopetes lepidus)
Gray's Four-striped Squirrel ( Funisciurus isabella)
Great Basin ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus mollis)
Grizzled giant squirrel. ( Ratufa macroura)
Guayaquil squirrel. ( Sciurus stramineus)
Guianan squirrel. ( Sciurus aestuans)
Hagen's flying squirrel. ( Petinomys hageni)
Hairy-footed flying squirrel. ( Belomys pearsonii)
Harris' antelope-squirrel. ( Ammospermophilus harrisii)
Himalayan striped squirrel. ( Tamiops macclellandi)
Hodgson's giant flying squirrel. ( Petaurista magnificus)
Hoogstraal's squirrel. ( Sundasciurus hoogstraali)
Horse-tailed squirrel. ( Sundasciurus hippurus)
Horsfield's flying squirrel ( Iomys horsfieldii)
Hose's dwarf flying squirrel. ( Petaurillus hosei)
Huet's Bush Squirrel ( Paraxerus ochraceus)
Idaho ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus brunneus)
Indian giant squirrel. ( Ratufa indica)
Indian, palm squirrel. ( Funambulus palmarum)
Indochinese ground squirrel. ( Menetes berdmorei)
Indochinese ground squirrels. ( Menetes)
Insular antelope-squirrel. ( Ammospermophilus insularis)
Irawaddy squirrel. ( Callosciurus pygerythrus)
Japanese flying squirrel. ( Pteromys momonga)
Japanese giant flying squirrel. ( Petaurista leucogenys)
Japanese squirrel. ( Sciurus lis)
Javan flying squirrel. ( Petinomys sagitta)
Jentink's squirrel. ( Sundasciurus jentinki)
Jungle palm squirrel. ( Funambulus tristriatus)
Junin red squirrel. ( Sciurus pyrrhinus)
Kaokoveld Ground Squirrel ( Xerus princeps)
Kashmir pygmy flying squirrel. ( Hylopetes fimbriatus)
Kinabalu squirrel. ( Callosciurus baluensis)
Kintampo Squirrel ( Funisciurus substriatus)
Lady Burton's Squirrel ( Funisciurus isabella)
Laotian squirrel. ( Callosciurus inornatus)
Layard's palm squirrel. ( Funambulus layardi)
Least pygmy squirrel. ( Exilisciurus exilis)
Leconte's Four-striped Tree Squirrel ( Funisciurus lemniscatus)
Long-nosed, or pig, squirrels. ( Hyosciurus)
Low's squirrel. ( Sundasciurus lowii)
Mahgreb, or Barbary, ground squirrel. ( Atlantoxerus getulus)
Mearn's squirrel. ( Tamiasciurus mearnsi)
Mentawi Isl. flying squirrel ( Iomys sipora)
Mentawi squirrel. ( Callosciurus melanogaster)
Mexican gray squirrel. ( Sciurus aureogaster)
Mexican ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus mexicanus)
Mindanao squirrel. ( Sundasciurus mindanensis)
Mohave ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus mohavensis)
Mollendorff's squirrel. ( Sundasciurus moellendorffi)
Montane three-striped ground squirrel. ( Lariscus niobe)
Mountain Ground Squirrel ( Xerus princeps)
Mountain Tree Squirrel ( Funisciurus carruthersi)
Namdapha flying squirrel. ( Biswamoyopterus biswasi)
Nayarit squirrel, or Mexican fox squirrel. ( Sciurus nayaritensis)
Nelson's antelope-squirrel. ( Ammospermophilus nelsoni)
Neotropical pygmy squirrel. ( Sciurillus pusillus)
Noble giant flying squirrel. ( Petaurista nobilis)
North African ground squirrels. ( Atlantoxerus)
North Sulawesi tree squirrel. ( Prosciurillus murinus)
Northern Amazon red squirrel. ( Sciurus igniventris)
Northern flying squirrel. ( Glaucomys sabrinus)
Northern long-nosed, or pig, squirrel. ( Hyosciurus ileile)
Northern palm squirrel. ( Funambulus pennantii)
Orange-headed Squirrel ( Funisciurus leucogenys)
Orange-bellied, or Himalayan, ground squirrel. ( Dremomys lokriah)
Oriental giant flying squirrels. ( Petaurista)
David's rock squirrel. ( Sciurotamias davidianus)
Palawan pygmy flying squirrel. ( Hylopetes nigripes)
Palawan squirrel. ( Sundasciurus juvencus)
Pale squirrel ( Callosciurus albescens)
Palm squirrels. ( Funambulus)
Particolored pygmy flying squirrel. ( Hylopetes alboniger)
Perny's ground squirrel. ( Dremomys pernyi)
Perote ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus perotensis)
Persian squirrel. ( Sciurus anomalus)
Peter's squirrel. ( Sciurus oculatus)
Phayre's pygmy flying squirrel. ( Hylopetes phayrei)
Phayre's squirrel. ( Callosciurus phayrei)
Philippine pygmy squirrel. ( Exilisciurus concinnus)
Philippines flying squirrel. ( Petinomys crinitus)
Philippines squirrel. ( Sundasciurus philippinensis)
Plaintain squirrel. ( Callosciurus notatus)
Prairie dog. (Cynomys ludovicianus)
Prevost's squirrel. ( Callosciurus prevostii)
Pygmy Scaly-tailed Flying Squirrels. ( Idiurus)
Pygmy flying squirrels. ( Hylopetes)
Rabor's squirrel. ( Sundasciurus rabori)
Ratufa Squirrel (Ratufa indica)
Red Bush Squirrel ( Paraxerus palliatus)
Red giant flying squirrel. ( Petaurista petaurista)
Red squirrel. ( Tamiasciurus hudsonicus)
Red-and-white giant flying squirrel. ( Petaurista alborufus)
Red-bellied sculptor squirrel. ( Glyphotes simus)
Red-bellied squirrel. ( Callosciurus erythraeus)
Red-cheeked Squirrel ( Funisciurus leucogenys)
Red-cheeked ground squirrel. ( Dremomys rufigenis)
Red-cheeked pygmy flying squirrel. ( Hylopetes spadiceus)
Red-hipped ground squirrel. ( Dremomys pyrrhomerus)
Red-legged Sun Squirrel ( Heliosciurus rufobrachium)
Red-tailed squirrel. ( Sciurus granatensis)
Redless Squirrel or Thomas' Tree Squirrel ( Funisciurus anerythrus)
Richardson's ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus richardsonii)
Richmond's squirrel. ( Sciurus richmondi)
Ring-tailed ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus annulatus)
Rock squirrel. ( Spermophilus variegatus)
Rodolph's, or Cambodian, striped squirrel. ( Tamiops rodolphei)
Rope Squirrels ( Funisciurus)
Round-tailed ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus tereticaudus)
Ruwenzori Sun Squirrel ( Heliosciurus ruwenzorii)
Samar squirrel. ( Sundasciurus samarensis)
Sanborn's squirrel. ( Sciurus sanborni)
Sanghir Islands tree squirrel. ( Prosciurillus leucomus)
Scaly-tailed Flying Squirrels. ( Subfamily Anomalurinae)
Scaly-tailed Flying Squirrels. ( Anomalurus)
Scaly-tailed Squirrels. ( Family Anomaluridae)
Sculptor squirrels. ( Glyphotes)
Selangor dwarf flying squirrel. ( Petaurillus kinlochii)
Siberian flying squirrel. ( Pteromys volans)
Sierra Madre mantled ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus madrensis)
Sipora Isl. pygmy flying squirrel. ( Hylopetes sipora)
Slender squirrel. ( Sundasciurus tenuis)
Slender-tailed Giant Squirrel ( Protoxerus aubinnii)
Small flying squirrels ( Petinomys)
Small Green Squirrel ( Paraxerus poensis)
Smoky flying squirrel. ( Pteromyscus pulverulentus)
Smith's Bush Squirrel ( Paraxerus cepapi)
Snake River ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus canus)
South Indian giant flying squirrel. ( Petaurista philippensis)
South Sulawesi tree squirrel ( Prosciurillus abstrusus)
Southern Amazon red squirrel. ( Sciurus spadiceus)
Southern flying squirrel. ( Glaucomys volans)
Southern long-nosed, or pig, squirrel. ( Hyosciurus heinrichi)
Splendid-tailed Squirrels ( Epixerus)
Spotted giant flying squirrel. ( Petaurista elegans)
Spotted ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus spilosoma)
Squirrel Glider. ( Petaurus norfolcensis)
Steere's squirrel. ( Sundasciurus steerii)
Striped Bush Squirrel ( Paraxerus flavovittis)
Striped Ground Squirrel ( Xerus erythropus)
Striped Tree Squirrel or Kuhl's Tree Squirrel ( Funisciurus congicus)
Sulawesi giant squirrel. ( Rubrisciurus rubriventer)
Sulawesi giant squirrels. ( Rubrisciurus)
Sulawesi tree squirrels. ( Prosciurillus)
Sun Squirrels ( Heliosciurus)
Sunda flying squirrels. ( Aeromys)
Sunda squirrels. ( Sundasciurus)
Swinhoe's striped squirrel. ( Tamiops swinhoei)
Swynnerton's Bush Squirrel ( Paraxerus vexillarius)
Tassle-eared ground squirrel. ( Rheithrosciurus macrotis)
Tassle-eared, or Abert's squirrel. ( Sciurus aberti)
Temminck's Spotted Squirrel ( Heliosciurus punctatus)
Texas antelope-squirrel. ( Ammospermophilus interpres)
Thin-toed, or long-clawed ground squirrels. ( Spermophilopsis)
Thirteen-lined ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus tridecemlineatus)
Thomas' flying squirrel. ( Aeromys thomasi)
Three-striped ground squirrel. ( Lariscus insignis)
Townsend's ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus townsendii)
Travancore flying squirrel. ( Petinomys fuscocapillus)
Tropical ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus adocetus)
Tufted pygmy squirrel. ( Exilisciurus whiteheadi)
Uinta ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus armatus)
Unstriped Ground Squirrel ( Xerus rutilus)
Variable squirrel. ( Callosciurus finlaysonii)
Variegated squirrel. ( Sciurus variegatoides)
Venezuelan squirrel. ( Sciurus flammifer)
Vincent's Bush Squirrel ( Paraxerus vincenti)
Vordermann's flying squirrel. ( Petinomys vordermanni)
Washington ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus washingtoni)
Western dwarf squirrel. ( Microsciurus mimulus)
Western gray squirrel. ( Sciurus griseus)
Whiskered flying squirrel. ( Petinomys genibarbis)
White-bellied dwarf flying squirrel. ( Petinomys setosus)
White-tailed antelope-squirrel. ( Ammospermophilus leucurus)
Winston Churchill's flying squirrel. ( Hylopetes winstoni)
Woolly flying squirrel. ( Eupetaurus cinereus)
Wyoming ground squirrel. ( Spermophilus elegans)
Yellow-eared giant flying squirrel. ( Petaurista xanthotis)
Yellow-footed Squirrel ( Paraxerus cepapi)
Yucatan squirrel. (Sciurus yucatanensis)

The list was compiled under the auspices of the American Society of Mammalogists. Copyright 1993 Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC USA. All rights are reserved. The data in this checklist of mammal species of the world are being presented for non-commercial, personal, and collections management use only. Copying or redistributing these data in any manner for personal or corporate gain is not permitted.