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Squirrel History

This is where you'll find a brief history of the tree squirrel, including information on the three most common species.

Frequently asked questions

Some of the most commonly asked questions about squirrels. From when they're born, to how long they live.

The Squirrel Family

This page contains a list of all the squirrels on our Planet.  Their common names, and their scientific names.

Video Clips

On this page you'll find some video clips from the Daylight Robbery series. Produced by the BBC, in 1995.

Live trapping a squirrel.

What you'll need to know, before you attempt to trap a squirrel. And even more important... what to do with it!

Squirrel Control.

What you should do, when a squirrel becomes a pest. Find out what works, and what doesn't.

Caring for an orphaned squirrel

On this page you'll find the information necessary to help or care for an orphaned squirrel.

Links to other squirrel related sites

Want to learn even more about the squirrel, or its family?  This page has all the links you'll need.

Building squirrel feeders & nest boxes

This is where you'll find plans and instructions, for building some unique squirrel feeders and nesting boxes.

Squirrel facts and trivia

Here you'll find many unknown squirrel facts...everything from the largest squirrel to the smallest.

Just for the fun of it!

Download a "Skunny the Squirrel"arcade style game. Or download your own "Secret Squirrel" super sonic decoder.

Squirrel photos

This page contains a list of the on-line photos. Including squirrel toy's, trinket's and other related items.


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